The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Balloons

For me, I think the project that had the most impact of the fear projects was Ariana’s. For her projects, she burned momentos from an abusive relationship and set them free with a blue balloon, though the balloon got caught in a tree, ironically.

For me, it was the fact that she was willing to get up and let the audience experience it with her, to get the class to participate instead of just sitting there. She also actually did something physical instead of simply talking about their feelings, which is what I feel like this projects should have been about, showing how fear affects you, and sharing that with the audience. I wanted to be active with other people’s fears, to be able to visualize them and connect, instead of hearing ‘My biggest fear is…’ Over and over and over.

I think that it effects more than just my outlook on my project. I’m in a similar situation that she was in, thankfully not to that major extent, but to a point that I know I will never be happy while I continue to be in it, and seeing her able to be happy even after all that happened and being able to find someone else that appreciates her and cares deeply about her makes me have more faith that I’ll get out of this situation soon.

As for my fear project, she was the only one that volunteered to sing with me, which obviously meant a lot to me, but seeing hers makes me think about how I should be stronger, and I should stand up for myself when I’m unhappy, which I have a bad habit of sacrificing for the sake of others.



~ by skempf on April 29, 2013.

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